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Thebes Land Show '17

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 -  إستمارة التسجيل للإشتراك فى المسابقه إضغط هنا


- مصاريف الإشتراك: إضغط هنا

 - قواعد مسابقات الجمعيه والحصول على الألقاب: إضغط هنا


- فيس بوك: إضغط هنا






 - "Thebes Land Show '17" esteemed judges panel:


1-    Gerard Jipping (NLD), FCI International Judge, FCI Vice President, Kennel Club of the Netherlands President.

2- Tatjana Urek (SVN), FCI International Judge.

3- Dan Ericsson (SWE), FCI International All Rounder Judge.



- Entry form: Press Here



- Dog show entry fees: Press Here



- EKF show rules & titles awarding rules: Press Here


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- Foreign Participants Requirements: Dog health certificate, maximum two dogs per traveller and a visa fee.


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